What is Portraits of Westbourne?

As most that know me will confirm, I’m a little bit obsessed with photography and in particular the importance it plays not only in our current lives, but also the lives of those following on behind us. I often speak about the responsibility we have to leave a photographic footprint of what life looked like during our time on earth as without our photographs there’s no real proof, history is just subjective story telling.

So it’s with this in mind that I’m creating a personal photography project called “Portraits of Westbourne”. Entirely people based, its aim is to create an interesting, valuable, and ongoing picture of what Westbourne looks like from a human perspective. 

Every week I’ll be making portraits of people that have lived here all their life, or that have just moved here, people that run businesses, the rich, the poor, the famous, the not so famous, and everyone in between. 

Some of you may be familiar with Brandon Stanton’s “Human’s of New York” project where in 2010 he set out with the goal of photographing 10,000 New Yorker’s on the street, and that soon developed into a worldwide phenomenon. Well POW will take on a similar format, but with a somewhat less ambitious goal. 

Get involved

The easiest way to get involved is to simply send me an email and we can discuss more details. I can photograph you, or those you nominate, at your home, workplace, business premises, or anywhere in Westbourne that’s important to you. I’d like to think I wouldn’t take more than 30 mins to complete everything, but I’m happy to stay longer if the coffee, cake and conversation is flowing. 

Shooting begins 6th December, 2018, so please do get in touch if you would be willing to be a part of Portraits of Westbourne. You can of course keep the photographs that we make together.

Thank you.

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